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Leftover food

Yesterday, I went to my favorite store (Hobby Lobby). I had so much fun walking around that I did not realize it was lunch time by the time I left the store. I was really hungry but decided against buying lunch because I was looking forward to eating leftover food when I get home (you know, all the turkey and ham...). My hunger pangs made me miserable for about an hour. I kept thinking about our refrigerator full of leftover food!! But I knew I would be okay as soon as I got home. I also thought about the likes of John (pictured below) who do not have a refrigerator filled with food. Their misery does not last for just a few minutes but is instead an every day experience. You see, John and his family struggle to have their needs met every day. He and his family lives in a dump site in Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Imagine the sight and stench of trash that they have to deal with every single day! In fact, the "wall" behind John isn't a wall, but a big pile of trash. John is one of the recipients of our feeding program in Cabanatuan City. Thanks to all of our sponsors/donors, we get to help feed John and more like him.

- Evelyn


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