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Tonight, I was reminded of how blessed we are. My husband & I watched a documentary about people in the slum areas in the Philippines digging for chicken bones in restaurant trash. At first, I wanted to stop watching because I felt like throwing up. Those are chicken scraps mixed with other trash. But I kept watching because I needed to be reminded of the reality of life among poor Filipinos. They wash those chicken bones & re-cook them. People in the slum area are buying it because it’s all they can afford. The re-cooked chicken bones are called “pagpag” (shake off dust or dirt). I am so thankful for all of you who support Proverbs 22:9 Ministries. It is because of you that there are several children who do not have to eat “pagpag” but are eating clean & delicious food.

I got the first picture from the internet. It’s a kid who just got some chicken scraps. It will be re-cooked & eaten. The rest of the pictures are food that our volunteers cook. Please join us in helping poor children in the Philippines not to have to eat “pagpag.”


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