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San Isidro Feeding

The first picture is Precious Alexa Nicolas, a 10-year old young girl who is in fifth grade. She is the oldest of seven children, and her father is unable to work because of a heart ailment. The middle picture is where Precious and her family lives. The third picture is Niah Salvasion, also a 10-year old girl in fifth grade. She is the oldest of five children. Her dad works a part time job in a lending business. Niah's mom left them so her grandmother helps by taking care of the children so their father can work. Both Precious and Niah are recipients of our feeding program in San Isidro, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

Our ministry currently serves about 1, 000 meals per week at different feeding locations. We are so thankful to all our donors who make it possible for children like Precious and Niah to have good and nutritious meals!


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