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Serving at 80

Two years after we started our first feeding program, we added a third program in a small village called Maburak. There was a lady who lives in the village who immediately volunteered her time and energy to the ministry. At the time, she was 74 years old and a new believer in Christ. Now, she is almost 80, and she continues to help prepare and serve food to the poor children in her village. When asked why she continues to serve even at her old age, she replied that she regretted all those years that she lived without her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. She is now dedicating the rest of her life serving God faithfully. Nanay Belen has found joy serving the less fortunate. The word Nanay means “mother.” She truly is a Nanay not only to the kids but to all our volunteers and to everyone who knows her. We praise and thank God for Nanay Belen! She is an inspiration to us all!


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